Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

A couple of weekends ago festivities included a swell time at the Rendezvous' JewelBox Theater for the 6th ANNUAL V.V. CHALLENGE! This is my 3rd thriftstore fashion show charity challenge as a judge. This year's event charity was WHEEL, a great organization for homeless women here in Seattle. But don't let the serious nature of the charity fool you; This event is all about fun and frivolity! Contestants walked down the runway of the theatre in thriftstore finds like Pattern Man in his layers of animal print, plaid, stars and stripes. The lady of the evening "Tina Kardashian," the 6th sister, donned a fabulous black velvet floor-length gown with billowy gold lame sleeves, a froed-out pony tail wig and super dark sunglasses. My "date" for the evening Dana even won a prize for best sport. She dug into the grab bag of miscellaneous used clothing and came out looking super cute! All this thrifty madness is emceed by "Candy Cane" and her two man friends, Don and . I decided to join in the fun and wore my hair parted in piggy tails fastened by homemade large black pom poms, a TARINA TARANTINO anywhere flower clip in hot pink sparkled up my side part, TT's skull heart crystal necklace floated over my black l/s dress and leggings, neon hot pink and black ruffled leg warmers graced my sticks and it was demi point all night in my Mercedes tippy toe shoe boots from SHOEDAZZLE thanks to Tina's sister Kim Kardashian!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

Rearranging the living room to make way for our tree! The day after Thanksgiving is all about leftovers and Christmas decorations. And, for some of you, it's also about BLACK FRIDAY. I shop all the time, it's what I do for a living constantly looking for props. I think I will sit this shopping day out, too tuckered to deal with the lines and the chaos. I slipped on my footless tights from TARGET, an ancient mini skirt and ballet top, and a THREE DOTS baby doll as I moved my vintage chandelier and little deer to their new spots. Happy leftovers, happy decorating and happy shopping!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving for 3

Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a while since I last posted. I have been working on a little something to be unveiled soon as well as coming down with "the" flu. Oh boy! But, tonight was good food for the 3 of us and the pups had a little turkey too. Thanks to friends like Rosella who provided naughty dessert plates and Erin who warmed our home with lovely stemware from WEST ELM. And a BIG thanks to all of you for your devotion and for being my inspiration to continue this lovely little project I call "Adelita Style!"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

LIQUID coat, SUCRE SOIR baby doll dress, THREE DOTS leggings, handmade pom poms Minny Mouse askewed in my hair and little L.A.M.B. on my feet... Sure feels luxurious for a fall day and a sick girl.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

Punk icon Iggy Pop of the famed 70's Detroit band the Stooges came to mind today when I threw on my t-shirt from H&M. The torrential downpour that gave Seattle it's reputation is screaming into our ears and eyes much like a punk band. That's why my FOREVER21 harem pants that I just got with Mara were the perfect tuck-in for my vintage boots. And I didn't forget to accessorize, TARINA TARANTINO's Queen Alice Necklace shows how much I heart the Stooges!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anniversary Notes

This touching photo of my parents says, "I'm so glad I met you and you are the same person in my mind that you were back then." Korea, November 1963, that's when my parents finally tied the knot. It's funny looking at this photo reminds me of the day I eloped with D. I wore a suit almost exactly like my mother's; it was a vintage black linen suit with large velvet triangle collar and a pencil skirt. D wore a vintage suit too but I know he would have preferred to have something like my father's. I called mommy on their anniversary and she had kept herself busy but her sweet voice echoed her malaise, "Your daddy give me a life I never knew. I never thought I be so happy." They said their traditional vows but, death did not part this couple.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

SEAN asked the Kahlo family to Sunday brunch last week. Here are some photos of the new studio that Sean and Bennett share. (Bennett did a smashing job on turning the old basement into a great live/work studio!) That morning we had fried chicken and grits as requested by LIL STAR. She took Sean and I back into his photo studio for a quick couple of photos. Here's what I wore: a darling little sweater dress that Cherry gave me over grey leggings and stripey socks to cover my chicken legs, my BETSEY JOHNSON necklace draped over the sweater nicely, a leather jacket and vintage boots carried me through another rainy day and Lil Star did my hair Manga style and added a couple of cherry clips!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dainty June, Yodelhee Who? The Jen Johnson Interview

I first met up with Jen Johnson when she was the lead designer at EC STAR. I was so delighted last year when she sent news of the launch of her new clothing line for the Summer of 2009; DAINTY JUNE is a playful Indie Designer line, a collaboration with Jen Johnson and the Daking sisters, Jen and Erika. (Check out their sweet ALL MIGHTY website) The name, "Dainty June" is a character from a musical. After I received Jen's email a month or so ago showcasing her "Sound of Music" inspired Fall/Holiday Collection, I HAD to wonder; What is this girls fascination with musicals? And how does it fit in with her new collection?

Adelita: Congratulations on your Fall/Holiday Collection this year!! It's absolutely adorable. I can't stand it!! I am going to post it on my blog immediately. Cute, cute. : ) Any way, couple questions: Are you a crazy fan of The Sound of Music or just all musicals in general? It was my first movie that I ever saw in a movie theatre!

Jen Johnson- I love, love most musicals and I love the movies that were made of them from the 40's to the 70's. The clothes are always my favorite part but I also love the art of set designs and credits!

I'm going to speak for the Daking portion of this trio when I say that our Mom was convinced that we would have become Broadway stars if she had only had the money to send us to those extra sessions at Stagedoor Manor, that and if we had never started dying our hair pink. The simple answer is ALL musicals, well I have to admit we never got that into the newer generation of musicals like Rent, but I can still remember buying a Godspell tape at Tower records when I was about 11, because I thought the cover looked "cool," then listening to it to death! Singing was a huge part of our family. Dinner making, and family drives usually had a soundtrack of Gypsy or West Side Story. Our name, Dainty June, is actually an homage to Gypsy! We named the first collection using names from Gypsy, so it only seemed fitting that we continue with the theme for this season.

A:Who is your favorite character from the Sound of Music movie?

JJ: Didn't everyone want to be Leisl? The dreamy scene in the gazebo singing Sixteen going on Seventeen? Was there anything better when you were little and getting boy crazy?

A: Sooo true, and that white dress! Dreamy... What's your favorite piece from your collection and why?

JJ: I love the Von Trapp Jacket for lots of reasons. The comfy wool, the super cute toggles, It's great fit!

A: It is very sweet. I love the colors too. Now, who would you marry Captain Von Trapp, Christopher Plummer (as in the actor) or Maria?

JJ: The Captain was a little strict for me.... (okay wait, have you seen this? Sound of Music: Central Antwerp I just started crying like a baby!! It's amazing!! The older women with the black hat was astounded! I wish I had witnessed this first hand.) And now back to your question... I'm already married to a handsome man, so I'd probably choose to have Maria. She could wake us up with a song every morning, and make us clothes!

A: Well then how DO you solve a problem like Maria?

JJ: You know, it never really seemed like she was a problem to me! I wish everyone was more like her. I think the nuns were jealous.

A: You said it "sister"! lol. When will your stores be getting this collection?

JJ: Dainty June hits stores early December!

Don't you dare miss it! I've got my little eyes on the “Edward” Sweatshirt, the “Strudel” Dress and the “Brigitta” Jacket. I can almost here the hills singing in the distance...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

click on this image for a closer look!

Another photoshoot today. I wore my ZETO funky cowl neck, super cute MAE city shorts over my black leggings with my vintage boots and FOREVER21 faux leather jacket. In my hair I am wearing a darling menswear fabric flower. I feel cute as a button!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flashback: 80's Style

click on this image for a closer look... if you dare!

This is my celluloid. This is me, for real, in the 80's. I was all of 16! I had never exercised a day in my life but aerobics were fast becoming popular, big earrings were all the rage and denim on denim, preferably acid wash, was de rigueur! Don't you just LOVE the black socks? We will revisit this era again. If I can just figure out how to get a vcr recording of my video portfolio on my computer... You won't want to miss that!

Animal Attraction

Marc Jacobs' fabulous silk bunny ears, Erin Fetherston's magical, Peau d’âne inspired glitter masks, Maison Michel's sexy, lacey critters and Moschino's hot pink beany with Minny sprouts have all inspired me to show my animal attraction. Halloween night handing out candy at E's house and hitting Sean's studio party was a great debut for my mouse ears. I think they are too silly for everyday wear. I will switch to the bear ears for my next night out on the town!

row 1: Me (ears by me), Moschino (Phassion), my boudoir, Olsen Twins (, Jessica Stam (

row 2: Lily Donaldson (, Louis Vuitton bunny ears (, Erin Fetherston's Fall/Winter 09 collection (masks made by Hedi Ferjani inspired by Peau d’âne), Heidi Mount (Maison Michel), Rachel Zoe backstage at Louis Vuitton (

row 3: LV model again, MK & A again, Me again, EF show again, my boudoir

row 4: my boudoir, EF show again, LD again, LV model again, Natalia Vodianova (Russian Vogue)

row 5: Me, Marc Jacobs (photographed by Craig McDean), Me, EF show, Lara Stone (Maison Michel)

row 6: Laetitia Crahay (Maison Michel), EF Hedi masks, Yoona from SNSD (Korean Elle Girl), Jessica and Tiffany from SNSD (Korean Elle Girl), Me!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

Picking up Lil Star from school. It's a beautiful fall day in the Northwest. Here's what I am wearing: H&M newsboy hat GAP peacoat jacket, cozy black l/s tee, HORN skull cigarette jeans, DOC MARTEN lace ups! Stay warm!