Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Goodbye

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I am grief stricken. Sadly and suddenly, my brother-in-law Ron died today. Some how it feels as if all the laughter has been drained from our family. Our two silly boys are gone. But, these old photographs will always live in my heart and the sweet and funny letters will keep me going. I told Lil Star, "Don't worry baby. This is not normal. Normal will come back soon."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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My father died early Friday morning. It was my privilege to be with him day and night for the last 4 days of his life in the hospice. He left very peacefully with my mother, my sister Peggy and me with him. I would like to thank my sister Peggy for being tirelessly at his side. I would like to send a kiss to my sister Nam for being my mother's rock. Thank you to my Kansas sisters for their love and concern, for their kindness. Thank you to all his grandchildren, I know it was so hard to see their grandfather in the hospital. Warm wishes to all of the sister's husbands, especially Ron. I appreciate my mother’s friends for continuing to nourish us when we didn’t feel like eating. Mostly thanks to my mom who was the only person in the world who could make my father happy and he the only one for her.

I am back home with my D and Lil Star in Seattle and working on a collage for my daddy's funeral. I am wearing a vintage slip with special vintage sewn on touches: two embroidered hankies, a gold and pink button, rickrack on the bottom of the hemline and pink stitching on the neckline and along the straps. Look closely at the collage above and you will see a great vintage photo of my handsome daddy in the upper right side.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


In the summer of 1976 at Fawcett's home in Bel Air, California, Bruce McBroom would take THE photo that would adorn every basement wall for the next 3 decades. Who hasn't seen or identified their hairselves with this iconic poster of Farrah? And, didn't we all feel the pressure to spend hours, no! years training our hair to do what only she could do? Personally, I can remember secretly playing one the impossibly well-coiffed trio from CHARLIE'S ANGELS. But, although enormously important to her career, the poster and the Spelling show is not this woman's legend. She exposed herself time and again and let us see the beauty beneath the smile and hair as last seen in her now possibly Emmy nominated documentary about her battle with cancer. We will miss this California beauty. "After a long and brave battle with cancer, our beloved Farrah has passed away. Although this is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends, we take comfort in the beautiful times that we shared with Farrah over the years and the knowledge that her life brought joy to so many people around the world," her longtime partner Ryan O'Neal said in a statement.

Source: www.popeater.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Oops, raced back to Portland without my clothes! Found this Woodstock Tee called Sunny at TARGET. It's a part of their "Summer of Love" promotion. Whew. Feel much better.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Straight Talk

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Every summer, LIL STAR gets a haircut. Being in the ballet requires longer hair and no bangs so, she takes this opportunity to chop chop! This morning we set her bangs straight. This is a great cut for her because of her heart-shaped face, fantastic eyebrows and amazing wide set eyes. When looking for your next haircut, look at the latest trends and be aware of your face shape and features. Make the best of what you have!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

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Here is Lil Star with her daddy D. My two darling treasures captured by Sean Watson. This was a great evening. Friends, food, photos and family. And next to it my version from WAY back. This is my favorite photo of my father and me. When I thought of what I wanted to post for this father's day, I knew I had to find this exact picture in my parents drawer full of photo albums. This is how I see my father- strong, happy, his watch, his pleated pants, his casual buttoned shirt, his humility, always letting me be in the spotlight. Always there when I turned around. And look at me! The little fashionista.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

City of Ember

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$39 for my shoedazzle shoes! For this month, I chose Kim’s favorite shoe style Ember updated for the season in a super shiney tortoise-shell print great for those safari-inspired looks that are so in right now. These wicked hot stilettos feature polished studs, a slick ankle strap and are perfect for a scandalous night out!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sticky Situation

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LIL STAR made this ball cap out of tape! A nice outing in the park calls for fun attire so, I am wearing a SUCRE SOIR neon tee with my LTB skinnies, fabulous XHILARATION sneakers, accessories include a fabulous LAURIE WEBER belt made from vintage fabric, a cute friendship bracelet made by LIL STAR and vintage material earrings by CARA LYNDON.

Contributors: Sean Watson as Photographer, Lil Star as designer, Me as model!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Thank goodness for our little friends. They can get us through some very hard times. Today I am wearing the softest micro striped tee from SUCRE SOIR, wide linen pants from LIQUID (instead of having them tailored with a new hem, I cut them off and let them fray. try it!) and SNOOPY!

Monday, June 15, 2009


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One of my favorite Korean pop groups, the WONDER GIRLS officially announced today that they will be making their debut in America and join the JONAS BROTHERS for their world tour this Summer! My favorite song is "So Hot" and Lil Star's is "Nobody". You have to see the video
HERE! Check out their music HERE! You can check out the dates for there American deput with the Jo Bros HERE!

Sources: POPSeoul!, TigerBeat

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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The mirror never lies. Today it tells me I am wearing a feathery silk hombre babydoll over my THREE DOTS capri leggings. The mirror, lamp base, and bust are all vintage. The camera I am holding is a fabulous NIKON D40, it's what I take all my photos with.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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I look tired. Dang! This outfit is a perfect Seattle outfit because it's in layers. The top layer consists of Seattle favorite, PRAIRIE UNDERGROUND hoodie with bib and adorable rouched back and a KENSIE denim skirt that I hacked off. The lower layer is a simple modal tee , black leggings with lace detail on the bottom and some darling little flats from QUEEN ANNE DISPATCH.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Soft Me.

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Sean took this last week. For the love of puppies!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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What does a girl choose to go with her Japanese nail art and a sweet issue of VIVI Magazine? For me, I chose a GILLIGAN and O'MALLEY eyelet tank, my ADELITA wrap skirt in baby pink gingham with lace trim and an adorable toile pocket, some YUM POP flip flops, and a TARINA TARANTINO HELLO KITTY PINKHEAD ponytail necklace.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Got my nails done Japanese style! Meiko from BEN'S NAILS worked her nail magic on my for about 2 hours! I have no nail polish on and the design will stay for a month or more if I don't want to change it. I have plenty of cute pink things in my closet. Take a look at this tee from AMERICAN APPAREL (you can wear it backwards or forwards for a lower neck), a sweet little DIANNE MEDAK mini, my DKNY pale pink pumps and to top it off- an adorable squirrel clip that Lil Star loaned me!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh You Pretty Thing...

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"There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents,
the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love."- Sophia Loren

Sigh. Lil Star is wearing her lime green open tee from URBAN OUTFITTERS with a deer painted on it, a flower crown, Snoopy's new dog collar (not intended for all-day wear, only supervised photo shoots), pink earbuds, and an IPOD with a TOKI DOKI skin.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Today I was running errands! I wore my ADELITA red, ruffle dress, BRASS PLUM shoes from 100-years ago and 2 TARINA TARANTINO rose and owl lucite bracelets. What was in my shopping bags? "Commons & Sense" magazine from Japan, a bag of Strawberry Wafers from Taiwan, Badtz Maru long gum, Rilakkuma panty shields packaged in teddy bear-printed plastic from Japan (I couldn't resist), a giant pink air freshener from Japan, YanYan cream sticks in strawberry with fun little sayings etched into the sticks like, "You are lucky today- Goat" from Japan, "love com, the movie" a japanese movie based on the Manga by Aya Nakahara, Kiddy's Dream chopsticks that I will wear in my hair and finally a HELLO KITTY lipgloss packaged inside a tiny soda bottle!

Monday, June 1, 2009