Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Circus Circus

If you are a fan of vintage like I am, you must take a look at 1918 VINTAGE. This great little "shop" nestled into the corner of a Chicago apartment has hand picked items lovingly chosen by Meg Lewis. Items like this original 80's era Liz Clairborne dress with long sleeves that hits above the knee has two pockets at the hip and a button up top are a fabulous treat. If it weren't a large, I would snap it up myself! But you curvy girls could wear it by day with leggings, some bad girl boots and a leather jacket! Dress it up at night with heels and a great belt!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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I started the day by organizing my letter writing cabinet, at 3:30 I had to get Lil Star ready for ballet, finish up some cleaning at the townhouse, pick up Lil Star from ballet, then go to curriculum night. So how did I make this busy day to night transition with no time in between for a wardrobe change? A long wearing red lipstick stain from NOUBA would last all day. A cute little tank from HOLLISTER, flip flops and FRANKIE B jeans for daytime and cleaning. For evening slipped on a low slung belt by STREETS AHEAD, crawled into a cozy cardigan with saggy pockets from SUCRE SOIR, slid into my coffee colored pumps from NINE WEST that Mair gave me and reapplied lipstick. Did I accomplish everything? Didn't make the curriculum night at Lil Star's school. Her ballet finished early and I had to choose, eat or disturb all the other parents with my rumbling tummy. TERIYAKI it is!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Shopping for antiques at LISA'S is always fun. (If you are in the Seattle area, you HAVE to check out her gorgeous finds today and Saturday at 416 W. Comstock at the top of the hill in Queen Anne.) Since mornings are a bit chilly these days I wore my motorcycle jacket from FOREVER21, HORN skull cigarette jeans, HARLEY DAVIDSON boots, and my customized black tank. I bought this one at TARGET for a few bucks and embellished it with gingham ribbon that I sewed all the way around the back and tied in an adorable bow then I finished it up with a dotted mini ribbon and teeny tiny black and white baby buttons. I am coveting a great cowskin jacket that Lisa had me try on. (Had her put it on hold but, who am I kidding?) My living room is filled with her great pieces like these great Chinoiserie finds: the black screen I use in front of the fireplace, the amazing black and gold desk in the corner, even the art books and Chinese bust! Lisa even spotted the painted black chair with orange upholstery. She knew it would be the perfect compliment to my Hermes table from GREAT JONES HOME. Don't forget to check out Lisa's cool stuff!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Headed out west in my JOHNNY WAS dip dye, FRANKIE B mechanic wash jeans, REPORT pointy pumps with a BEBE necklace and TANO bag. Yeehaw!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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The first day of fall, the last days of summer heat. I'd die for another chance to wear a strapless dress with NO jacket because I know what's coming. So I slipped on my DKNY sugar-pink pumps, rolled on my "CALL ME" candy bracelet and slithered into my EXPRESS strapless cotton candy dress. I think my outfit says, "I will enjoy this 80+ degree weather, I will, I will!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait: A Day at Lily's

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I ran into SEAN hanging these adorable portraits at LILY'S Pampering Salon and Party Boutique, a fabulous girl haven where girly girls of any age can get mini mani/pedi's, cute cuts, vivid hair color and darling little treasures like this adorable strawberry compact with lipgloss inside and the clear floral print headband I just bought. For my little spa treat I wore my LTB skinnies, a STREETS AHEAD belt, an amazing rouge red tank with faux menswear collar from SIGAL DEKEL and just to put me in the mood, Matilde's PAYLESS SMARTFIT kid's shoes in glittery gold weave. If the little girl in you is in the mood for cupcakes and pampering, make your appointment today!

Contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo as silly little girl

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Here I am in my little jewel box! I was asked to submit photos of this room to a great staging and design blog! How exciting!! Take a look at my submissions to OPENHOUSE STAGING. This work in progress required a lot of bravery. I started with the notion that I wanted a Tiffany Blue room, and really what girl doesn't, but the actual blue from the coveted box ended up looking like a bathroom, a very old bathroom. So back to my swatch book and there it was... BENJAMIN MOORE'S Mexicali Turquoise! When D started painting, my stomach ached. Was it too bold? Eeek! But once I layed out my cheetah rug, positioned the EBAY "Dorothy Draper" chest of drawers, my vintage dining table and those gorg bright orange upholstered chairs, I knew there was no turning back. I hung my collection of antlers, Lil Star's tattered black pointe shoes and that great oval mirror from who knows where. The silver chandelier from HOME DEPOT and garage sale gold sconces had to go, D took them outside and painted them glossy black. And the latest touch, I drew Cinderella and Alice silhouettes to hang beside the mirror. I am on the phone here asking for advise on how to unsew my black Chinoiserie curtains with colorful dragons, I will need a bigger pocket to fit the fat drapery pole that I resurrected from my boutique. It's all coming together. All this planning takes patience and a great outfit. I am wearing a VERONICA M dress, REPORT wedges, my gold hoopy, dangely earrings from FOREVER21 and a favorite TANO bag.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ask Adelita: Indian Summer

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Dear Adelita Style:

I'm new to the area helping a couple of lost travelers named Lewis and Clark discover your great territory. What does a girl wear for one of the last days of Seattle's Indian Summer?

"Sacagawea"- North Dakota

Dear Little Indian Princess:

You are a smart gal to stop and ask for style directions. (Guys can be so frustrating when it comes to that!) A fresh eyelet top from France, black THREE DOTS capri leggings, black ballet slippers from TARGET, accessorize with fabulous handmade prize ribbon pin and bubblegum pink!
You are sure to dazzle your clients and soak up some Northwest sun!

History lesson: Sacagawea was a career girl way back in the 1800's. This Shoshane woman along with her husband was the guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition conducted by two fellas, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. On their long trek from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, Clark finally refers to Sacaqawea as "Janey" after she decides where they will camp. Was this a nickname derived from admiration of her intellect and outdoors-woman know how or simple adoration? I prefer the romance angle myself. Here is a cool read: Sacagawea's Nickname

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Why such a sad face? Well it's not just the fact that I slammed my thumb into the closet while I was putting my styling kit away. Let's say it's been a trying week again. Don't we all have them? Just put on a babydoll like this one from ZETO and some flip flops. You've seen this dress before but this time I made it new with a fabulous "prize ribbon" that I made from MIDORI ribbon (the finest) and a beautiful cameo button. And do you see the great IKEA cross shaped ice? The simplest things can take the pain away. Like writing this post. I am smiling again. : )

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Well, I'm off to another shoot! A girl can never travel lite these days and especially if she is a stylist! In the top layer of my kit I have sterile sprays: brush cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Of course next to that is hand sanitizer in a lovely vanilla bean scent. Some gum. (When you are doing someone's makeup you should always have fresh minty breath!) 12-14 different colors of foundation, 8 colors of eyeshadows, 6 different makeup brushes, several lipsticks, stains and lipglosses, cotton swabs, concealer, makeup wipes, safety pins, mascara wands, and pencil sharpeners fill each cubby and that's just the TOP layer. What do I have in my red suitcase? Hair necessities: paddle and round hair brushes, goodie combs, a skinny barrel curling iron and a fat barrel curling iron, flat iron, hair spray, pomade, hair cream and oil, haircutting drape (to protect the wardrobe from makeup application) and scissors just in case someone needs a little trim. And what do I wear? For comfort I am wearing a JOVOVICH HAWK striped dress with a STREETS AHEAD belt over black leggings and HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle boots. (Brought my FOREVER21 sweater just in case it gets chilly in the studio.) Are you sure you still want to be a stylist?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Visit to Dana's Not-So-Humble Abode

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This day was all about Dana’s new jade necklace. What to wear? I dug through her closet and found the perfect compliment! A pretty little red sweater with black ruffle detail, fabulous skinnies, sweet square-toed wine mary janes, all vintage of course. My gift to the hostess was a bottle of champagne with a hot pink ribbon that I found in my purse tied around the neck. I wore my TARINA flower with crystal detail, FRANKIE B jeans, a floral blouse from FOREVER 21, EC STAR crossed gun embroidered sweater and Mommy’s vintage burgundy pumps. What a beautiful day on the dock of Dana’s not-so-humble abode.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Obsession with the Korean Girl Band Continues: 4Minute

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Former WONDER GIRL Hyun Ah has done it again with this new girl group called 4MINUTE. A pretty proper wrap for some cute little Korean girls, wouldn't you say? I love this song but paleez tell me where I can get that to-die-for leather jacket with the puffy sleeves that Ji Yoon is wearing! So jealous. Korea continues to create girl group after girl group and forgets to call me. Don't they know I have an "in" here in the states? Oh well, in another life...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

20's in the 40's

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Not usually into this kind of thing but, today I am really feelin this Coon Skin coat. My darling Snoopy got attacked by a raccoon last night! Don't worry he's okay thanks to D's caveman instinct. (D reminds me in strange ways why I married him.) Any way, back to the coat... You have to admit that this Dapper Dan from a Charleston-themed party held at Princeton in 1949 brings this little creature to a party in style. Kind of sad isn't it? What would a dashing boy of 2009 wear to his Princeton party? Ugh, when did we all turn into PC squares?

Sources: (beautiful blog, by the way)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait

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Well, finally I seem to be settling in. Here I am in my studio ready for another day of purging with my pooches resting beneath my feet. For this task I am wearing a very comfy DIANNE MEDAK rouged halter top with my 1969 GAP jeans and because my hair is neatly pulled back so I can truly see how much junk I have, I chose a big giant pair of hammered wave circle earrings from FOREVER 21.