Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strawberry Delight!

strawberry click to take a closer look!
After I did my nails the other night, I had the worst nightmare. My nail's smudged beneath the sheets while I was sleeping and ten cute little strawberries turned into mush! When I woke up, I sat straight up and held my hands out infront of my face. Phew!! They were still 10 little strawberries at the end of my fingers. Here's how you can add a little strawberry delight to your life in 6 easy steps:

  1. Apply pink, orangey pink or red nail polish to entire nail. I used Revlon's #185 Sweet Tart
  2. Apply neon or lime green "stems" to the edges of your nails. (Basically sweep three triangles across the tops of your nails, first one side then the other and finally the middle section.) I used L.A. Girl Flare in #NL60 Gleaming.
  3. A little of the pink will show beneath the green so reapply the Gleaming one more time.
  4. Use any white nail polish to make 3 dots on each nail. I used the corner of the nail brush to do it but if you don't have a steady stylist hand, use a toothpick.
  5. Add a little glitter just to the stem tips. China glaze has a nice clear one called Techno but use it sparingly.
  6. Apply a top coat to make everything shiny, shiny! I love Rimmel's 60 Second Clear Top Coat.

Super Easy! All of the above nail polishes are available from Drug Stores all over but don't feel like you have to use these exact shades. Play with it and have fun with your favorite brand.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Folly of Footwear

Poetic License's Fall Collection
Look at what I saw yesterday when I walked into Queen Anne Dispatch! Shoes, beautiful shewz. This is the ultimate preview of Poetic License's coming Fall collection; riveted Minnie Mouse bows on top of candy-cane lined geometrics, green - squishy flats covered in black lace and finished with lime satin bows, check patterns on scallop-edged spectators, fabulous 40's Mary Janes with floral accents and rounded toes! Would love to add some of these beauties to my closet. Fall is by far their best collection to date. But if you can't wait that long, check out these EXTRA girly shoes at Poetic Licence or if you are in town, drop by the store. I'd be happy to find you your size. ; )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's "Giant" Life Comes to an End

 Elizabeth Taylor Feb 1932 - Mar 2011
Very few actors have had the kind of career that Elizabeth Taylor had. A career that made movie history time and again. Ms. Taylor's work beginning as the dreamy, wide-eyed child Velvet Brown in "National Velvet," transitioned to the artistic Amy March in "Little Women," leaped into the sultry role of Angela Vickers in "A Place in the Sun," developed into the sexually frustrated Maggie from "Cat a Hot Tin Roof," and finally transformed to the bitter, angry Martha in "Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf." Elizabeth Taylor brought home the academy award for her portrayal of Martha as well as one for her role as Gloria Wandrous in "BUtterfield 8."

But her film career was only rivaled by her private life. The violet-eyed English-born, American actress was married 8 times, she was awarded the Jean Herscholt Humanitarian Academy Award in 1992 for her work fighting AIDS and battled with her health continually until yesterday. Ms. Taylor died in Los Angeles from congestive heart failure surrounded by her 4 children.

 Although we will miss her personally, we have the privalege of watching her forever on celluloid. Take another peak at your NetFlix this weekend and drink in those velvet eyes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bang, Bang

Sideswipe by Me and Kandee!
I was frustrated with my hair but didn't have the patience to go out and get a haircut like a normal girl. I was deciding between Korean Ulzzang, a cute style of blunt bangs with long curls or Japanese Gyaru style side swept bangs. I chose the latter, what do you think? For my cutting challenge, I took a look at several YouTube videos and found a tutorial on how to cut side-swept bangs.

Here is the winner! Kandee Johnson has a great YouTube channel, please subscribe for great tips!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puppy Love & Recall on Pig's Ears

Lil Star relaxing in the sun with our Maltese Snoopy
How we love our little ones. That's why when a reader, (many thanks to Ryan), contacted me about a recall on pig ear dog chews, I didn't hesitate to respond with this post. Please read the following article for more information. And rest your eyes on the beauty of my two babies, Lil Star and Snoopy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Stories: Pelican

“I dare you!” she coaxed. “Try on the ugliest thing in here.” I perused the Goodwill, and a little something in the corner tucked under a mohair coat caught my eye. It was a single shoe, a lonely vessel waiting for a foot.I t wasn’t supposed to be there; someone had brutally cast it aside.

It was tres revolting, a satin disaster. Candy pink on its heel counter with a black pointy vamp.  It resembled a pelican.  The contrasting laces didn’t help the unsightliness. I peeked inside at the label, “GASP!!”

 “Do you KNOW who this is?!” I whispered the designer in my friend’s ear.
 “Get OUT!!” she screamed, “Let’s find the other one!” Our eyes darted back and forth as I picked up the pelican and we raced across the store to the shoe section. Endless rows of racks of forgotten, abandoned, discarded, distraught shoes called out, “Pick me!”
            "I’m yours,” a stiletto clicked.
            “No, me!” a sporty shoe squeaked.
            “I’m perfect for you,” a kitten heel purred. The pleading was maddening.
            I had to collect myself and focus on the pelican’s twin. Size 6.  Where was the “6” row? Passing the tens and nines I could hear the moaning. The eights were groaning. The sevens whimpered. Finally the sixes looked me in the eye like perfect soldiers, two by two by two… and then I saw a lonely pink and black tragedy, a left one.
            “Are you going to put them on? You have to get them!!”
            “But, they’re so… ugly.” I whispered, shielding the shoes from my harsh words.
            “How cruel,” I thought. Teasing this little misfortunate duo by rubbing my glorious paws against their silky insides; it was too unkind. This petite pair of shoes, it seemed, had never been touched. Could I really torment them?
            I could. I did. “I love!” I said with surprise as I slipped them on. “Huh, sometimes ugly is good,” I said to my friend. And the pelican twins and I lived happily ever after.

I Want This!

tiny pom-pom candy from osaka japan's shan shan
Shan Shan makes adorable crafts like this must-have necklace in Osaka, Japan! I can think of a million things to wear with this, vintage white shirts with cuff links, whimsical Petro Zillia tops with peter pan collars and spring dresses hidden deep in the closet begging to be worn. I want this!! Here's how you can get it- Go to or her etsy shop!

Horrorible Animated Gif!!

This is what happens when two beautiful sisters are bored on campus. It's nice to see that they are using their time wisely but more than that, it's nice to see that they are together and having fun again. Go to Rain Sunae's direct link for more emotions in motion!

Adelita Style 101: Test Shots

click on this image for a closer look!
styling 101

step 1 • organize your shot list, I drew cute little sketches
step 2 • dig in! set the stage for your "stars"
step 3 • when it's a big shoot, separate your items neatly and tag the shots
step 4 • pick a great photographer like David Bell from Studio 3, Inc.
step 5 • the perfect combination!

When you contact a photographer or they contact you to shoot for your portfolios this is called a "test." I keep busy with client work but whenever I get the chance, I set up my own test shoots! Seattle can be very conservative or at least my clients are, so it's important that I build my portfolio with photos that show off my skills. Booking the right photographer for the right shot is key. David Bell from Studio 3, Inc. is one of the best product guys I know. For this shoot we captured shoes and accessories in painted "boxes." I brought beautiful combinations from my closet and stores lent me handbags, shoes and jewelry. I asked David to coat panels in 3 different sheens of the same color of paint and we flipped them with each shot to get a different effect and reflection. Here we have pumps from and jewelry from Betsey Johnson. To see more go to my portfolio page on my website!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Panda Envy

Another must-have from Asia. I would love to prance around the hill in them!
Do you think anyone would care?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yoko Ono thinking of Japan

Photographs Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990
Annie Leibovitz shot this cover for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1980, 5 hours later John Lennon was shot and killed. I have been holding on to this photo of Yoko Ono and Lennon for some time looking for an excuse to post. Sadly, this was not the occasion I was looking for; Yoko Ono expresses her sorrow for her native country Japan.
My dear people of Japan: I feel numb now, as if I was there myself and hit with this disaster as you have been. Only just recently I visited Tokyo, and was delighted how beautiful, clean and quiet the city was! I didn’t expect a disaster like this to happen to the country I love so much.
One year, John, my husband, Sean and I were in the hotel in Tokyo. It was in the morning, and the earthquake suddenly hit three of us. I immediately grabbed Sean, who was still a little boy then. I went into an open closet, holding Sean tightly, and sat in there, keep repeating Namyohorengekyo. After the earthquake subsided, John laughed and said, he didn’t understand why I sat in an open closet. I explained to him that it was important that to be protected by a structure. Well, at least, that was what I was told when I was a child. The earthquake John, Sean and I experienced was not at all like the one you just experienced. But still my body is now shaking tonight from the memory of it.
So I feel deeply for you for having experienced the earthquake that was the severest in the history of Japan. It must have been so, so horrible. I extend my sympathy and love to each one of you. I’m very sorry that you had to go through what you went through. My heart is with you all the way.

Japan's 8.9 earthquake and aftershocks devastate Japan.

Click on photos above to go to National Geographic article.
Photograph from Kyodo/Reuters
Evacuees cling to one another in Tokyo's Shinjuku Central Park after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Miles from the epicenter, Tokyo felt the effects, about four million homes in the Tokyo area are without power.

As of this morning, it is believed that roughly 9,500 in Minamisanriku -- a town of 17,000 in Miyagi Prefecture -- remain missing or unaccounted for. As of Saturday evening there, police said that 621 were confirmed dead, with thousands more missing. More than 210,000 had been evacuated. A nuclear powerplant's explosion added to the devastation late last night. Please go to the American Red Cross to see how you can help.

Source: Photos from National Geographic, Info from National Geographic and Washington Post

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Stripes

Jelly loves stripes too! Click on this image for a closer look!
Nearly every Spring, nautical stripes make a big comeback. Is it the thought of sailing away in the breeze, a gentle rain falling over the sail? Is it the dreamy low moan of foghorns looking for their first catch? Can't you just see the bridge open up at the ship canal to reveal a parade of white crafts? All of these thoughts make me feel just a little bit better about the prelude before Summer, the rainy days when I can wear those navy and white stripes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Day Wear

Click on this link for a closer look!
What to wear on yet another rainy day in Seattle? I would suggest a big smile and I paired my top with chopsticks scattered across this soft Sucre Soir tee, a pair of skinny chopstick jeans from Vigoss and thigh-high chopstick riding boots from Bronx, a present from Queen Anne Dispatch. No wonder I'm so hungry!

Adelita Style Mascara Test

I decided to test Maybelline's DEFINE-A-LASH® VOLUME WATERPROOF MASCARA and show you my morning routine. Unfortunately, the story ended badly. I had major bleeding!! I much prefer the non waterproof version of DEFINE-A-LASH® LENGTHENING WASHABLE MASCARA. It's way more "bleed-proof". Who'd a thought?! Please enjoy the soundtrack from Architecture from Helsinki. The song is "The Owls Go!"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Secret Love Affair

Bambi Coat only in Korea. : (
I have an obsession for South Korean clothing. Somehow this tiny country has managed not only to be listed as the 8th largest exporter in the world, mostly due to it's industrial sector, it has taken the music world by storm with it's girl bands like The Wonder Girls. With it's enormous growth, it isn't too surprising to find out that this country also has a passion for fashion. While getting my Japanese manicure, the stylist told me she loves to travel to Korea with her relatives for the clothes shopping. And although Americans have just caught on to Japanese clothing trends, you know, like Harajuku Girls and Cosplay- Japanese kids are taking the boat ride over to Korea for their fashion fix. Someday, I will join them and bring some back to you! In the mean time, check out YesStyle for "A New Way of Style."

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ask Adelita: "S" is for Sexy

Victoria's Secret Crochet Mini Sweaterdress in Milk

Dear Adelita-

I'm attending an event and I don't want to upstage the hostess by wearing something too sexy. I have a vision of pink chiffon with a black motorcycle jacket. I can't find "the" chiffon dress anywhere! I am looking for a pale pink. Can you help?



Dear S,

"S," as in sexy, is totally okay... if it's tasteful. I love your idea of pairing an edgy black leather jacket with a softer silhouette. But I do believe the trouble you're having is because the two are very hard to mix without looking like a little girl gone bad. Instead of chiffon, try lace or better yet this super sexy crochet dress from Victoria's Secret in Milk. If you pair it with some great boots like the Frye Engineer Boot, you'll look trendy and confidently sexy but not overbearing!  


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Sauce

Lindsey Wixon's Ruby Pout

A must have in your cosmetic "wardrobe" is a long wearing red lipstick. I love Nouba's Millibaci lipgloss. It can be dabbed on with your finger to create a rosy stain or you can go full throttle and use the wand to seal your hot kiss. Millibaci actually means "millions of kisses" and that is exactly where your pretty pout will lead you to. Muah!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

La Petite

La Petite rings from Paola of Le Chou Chou

What do these adorable tea rings have to do with Proust, Swan Lake or Best Actress Natalie Portman? (And, no I will not muddy the waters with the 4th degree of separation, M. Galliano’s drunken rant.) In the 3 degrees of separation Proust's novel, "Swann's Way" involves the odd relationship of M. Swann and his beloved Odette, a rather plain, average girl with whom Swann ‘drowns’ in his love for. Was this a witty literary nod to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake where the main character Odette battles with her adoration of the beloved Prince Siegfried whom she can only meet in death by plunging her feathery incarnation into the dark lake? And did Natalie Portman, the Harvard graduate, take her leap of love knowing that Proust would be riding her wings to Oscar night? Both the second and third questions may never be confirmed. 

But this is what I can tell you in my opinion. Proust's charming story is the first volume from 7 in the novel, Remembrance of Things Past and I understand Lydia Davis does a fine translation in English. Swan Lake is one of the most beautiful and tragic ballets. Odette is a character that will forever attract endless interpretation; she is complex and sweet because of her passion and the spell that is cast upon her. She is not Odile, her dark imposter but, since both roles are played by the same ballerina, the roles themselves become one. The dancer melds into a duality both dark and light. Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her recent portrayal of a ballerina caught between reality and fantasy in her quest to be consumed and eventually destroyed by the roles of Odette and Odile (the White Swan and her evil counterpart, The Black Swan). Although Portman's performance was assiduous and penetrating to say the least, she is not a ballerina. So her part was less about the complex feelings of a dancer and more about the madness of a pathetic child.

The ring? So sweet, a slice of heavenly citrus floats in the abyss of dark tea. La Petite, the ring, was inspired by Swann's Way, which may have been inspired by Swan Lake, which was most definitely portrayed by Oscar winner Natalie Portman. Who would have thought a whimsical ring could have such an intense and multifaceted meaning? You can get it and the other components of the story’s inspiration at Etsy shop Le Chou Chou!