Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a Girl and Her Horse.

Becky Wilson took this gorgeous photo of Hannah
with her grandmother's prize-winning horse Mazarati

My niece Hannah graduated with a 3.97! Her academic achievements were rewarded with the Deans Scholarship, the Fund Scholarship and the Pacific NW Title Scholarship. But is was her love of sport, her volunteer spirit and most importantly her dedication to horses that further solidified those scholarships and awarded her one more, the OHSET Scholarship for her work in an equestrian team.

So called extra curricular activities are often the spearhead of a young persons continuing education. We should always remember our bliss, work for it, nurture it and follow it wherever it may lead us. Hannah's ambition for being a genuine cowgirl isn't just family tradition, "It takes a lot of time and practice as well as a lot of patience. I have been lucky enough to have a grandma who shares my passion and would do anything to help me become the best rider, and person I can be." She has been taught the difficult lesson of try, try again. Literally being knocked off and getting back up to do it all over again, those are the types of skills that will carry this country girl through her major of Sports Business with a minor in Spanish.

I am so proud of Hannah's achievements mostly because all along the way, she has been kind and giving. She followed her dreams and they rewarded her well. You see for this young woman, college isn't just horseplay.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's Crafty!

 The Urban Craft Uprising was held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this past weekend. I took a quick stroll through the hallways between around 100 exhibitors of eco-friendly, recycled, crafty goodness and spotted a few that I thought you might like.

Trinity Cross and Paulie Anne Duke for Field Day Wearables

Field Day Wearables makes cute prints on hooded dresses and jumpers. I liked the little radish print. These girls run their business out of Oakland, CA where they offer 'wearable's made from recycled materials, bamboo and organic cotton all made, printed and dyed one at a time.

A customer tries on a Bella Sisters jacket

All Bella Sisters artful creations are made from more than 97% recycled materials. Each jacket has a hood and sleeves made from reclaimed wool, angora or cashmere so you can keep your hands and head warm without the bulk! And if you have long arms like me, you will appreciate these extra additions. Hand sewn appliqués, bustled backs, darling little buttons are just some of the fun details found on every unique clothing item.

 Sara Lansillotta of Devout Dolls laughs with a customer at her booth.

Devout Dolls specializes in 'oddities' dreamed up by creator Sara Lansillotta. Her two headed rag dolls are what pulled me closer and the 'forest friend' deer and 'octobabies' kept me giggling.
Jonah Rondon is just as cute as her creations
Maluhia Designs makes purses, wallets, bibs and teddy bears from darling cutsey fabric. If you are in the mood for sticky sweet visit her Etsy store!

Gobs of unique dresses in great prints.

Debra Weiss and her daughter Hillary of Rebe are a masters at the remix. Pretty patterns along side patchwork and un-died linen, eco-friendly fabrics and playful layers make up this terrifically crafty line!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garage Sale Chic

click on this image for a closer look!

In the summer I scower the city for garage sales and it's rare that I would expect to find anything but my next knick-knack. A couple of weekends ago I scored some cute clothing purchases from an oh-so-typical hippie from Queen Anne. Under a mound of pilly tops, there it was, $2 for a great asian patterned tank! No pills on this one but the perfect amount of fading and stretched out cotton sung to me. I asked the girl if I could have it for $1.50 instead so that I could grab a coffee after. What an unexpected treasure. I wore it today with my F21 $2.50 tank top, seems like so much paleez, my skinny jeans, my new hooded sandals, a Tarina Tarantino wooden necklace and bracelet and hidden in the back of my closet was an old Kymio slat jacket that I ripped the shoulder pads out of. Funny how you can feel all new in something old.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Leavenworth

Last week Lil Star and I headed out of the Seattle gloomy weather with our besties and drove out east to Leavenworth. You can always count on gorgeous spring and summer sun in this  little Bavarian getaway. So, it's our first reason for why we drop in every summer.

Taking a stroll down the main street to visit one of my favorite shops Mapel has also become a summer tradition. Lil Star and I found a darling gathered top, little M found the perfect striped wrap and big M gnabbed herself a grey onesie perfect for summer fun! I couldn't resist a feathery barrette that I saw while I was at the counter gabbing with owner Staci. This boutique's lines like Veronica M and  Tulle are reason number 2 for why we like to visit this seasonal hot spot. But our shopping didn't end there.

Thankfully Erin suggested we stray from our normal path and head down a side street. Good thing we did because Lil Star found herself a skirt/tube babydoll in asian print at a brand new store called, "Magenta". This boutique was packed with fun prints and color for great prices. Now you have three reasons to visit this quirky little town!

Though we spent most of our time poolside at the Icicle Inn, (Reason number 4 to visit) talking about books we all need to read like "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo," on Tuesday we decided to take a look at one of this region's wineries.

Driving up to the authentic, charming log cabin, (if we didn't know better, we would have thought we were in the french countryside) green mountains stood behind rolling valleys with fruit trees and grape vines. "I could live here," I thought. Icicle Ridge has a fair amount of lovely vintages for every occasion and the best occasion is relaxing with a friend atop old-growth logs the size of wine barrels. And that brings us to reason number 5.. You can't get these hand-crafted, award winning wines at the grocery store, not even your local wine store, Icicle Ridge wines are only available at their winery or through their club.

There you have it 5 solid reasons to visit Leavenworth!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait

For last night's BBQ I took advantage of our great weather and wore a mini skirt with an ethnic print from F21, my top was an old tee with flutter sleeves that I found while cleaning out my drawers. The hooded sandals were a great purchase from Lovely People. I chose some chunky Tarina Tarantino wood hoop earrings and a bracelet with tiny amber crystals to tie into the ethnic theme. Lastly found an old Egg Magazine laying around and paged through to find a fun anime eye tutorial! Don't I look so Oneegyarugyaru who has graduated from high school, and thus become a more mature onee-san (お姉ギャル): a (literally "elder sister" but, here, "young lady"). Her style is more sophisticated.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Selena Gomez Graduates Twice

Photo from Dave Tesh

Selena Gomez, everyone's favorite Disney 'bad girl' is home-schooled due to her insane schedule; Rebelious wizard one day, mysterious pop-star the next. Tween clothing designer on Monday making a wave for the environment Tuesday. (Look it up if you don't know what I'm talkin bout.)

It's no wonder that this busy super star graduated from high school twice in one day! Let me explain, or better yet, let Selena explain. She wrote on her Facebook page: "What are the odds... Today I graduated from high school and got my diploma!!!!!

"I also filmed my graduation ceremony in the upcoming movie 'Monte Carlo'. So in a weird way I was able to experience an official graduation, LOL."

While most high school graduates are looking forward to college, this 'Wizards of Waverly Place' starlet has other projects on her mind like filming in Budapest and kicking off a tour at the end of this month with her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, which released their debut album 'Kiss & Tell' last September. What a life; What a graduate!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chloë's Senior Project

A few months back Chloë Bell invited me to her senior project: Fashion Through the Decades. Chloë found clothing from thrift and discount stores and styled a couple from each era. I met this sweet girl, petite and blonde with anime eyes when she needed me to style her for some alternative senior pics so, I thought it would be great to see the beginnings of what might just be this young girl's career.

The show was great! The female models catwalked on stage to model their era's outfit. The girls were followed by male partners dressed appropriately to match, then a small dance errupted from the music playing. Each couple was sharply lit and in the finale, everyone jitterbugged, hustled and twisted together as a group.

Our little stylist and producer not only put on a good fashion show, she provided the guests with hand-drawn programs and coupons were handed out from the stores where the models clothes came from! In my school of fashion, you get an A+ Chloë!!

Photos by Sean Watson. Design by

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eclipse: Of the Heart

Decisions, DecisionsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

In Eclipse, Bella is once again faced with the decision: Edward or Jacob. Don't we all feel the same feelings about what to wear? Our closet encloses a kind of Eclipse of the Heart, darkness needing to be unmasked. We too are torn by our many needs and emotions. Well turn on the light girls! At one point in Twilight's latest saga, Jacob hands Bella a hand carved charm of a wolf. When Edward sees it dangling from her delicate bracelet, he offers a crystal heart to our heroine. I say do what Bella does, she attaches the second charm to her bracelet, she wears them both. Don't make a decision, wear it all, go with your heart and let your impulsive fashionista dictate your next move...

Decisions, Decisions by Adelita Style featuring Etro bags

Dream Catcher Knit Top, $18
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. Sleeveless Plaid Shirt, $38
Wildfox The Lady is a Vamp Cut-Off Tank in Clean White, $59
Shop Vocal Brand Clothing Women's Tribal Fleur de Lis Tank Top Black, $34
Wildfox Fantastic Fangs Tank Dress in Metal Black, $89
This Week | NET-A-PORTER.COM, $2,995
!iT JEANS 'Billie' Shorts, $42
Theola silk-crepe mini skirt, $220
black polina fur platform boot, $924
Hype Helen Studded Clutch, $95 twilight: Jewelry, $10 twilight: Jewelry, $20
Alkemie + Wolf Ring, $140
"Wolf" Cushion - Smells Like Home - Shop Departments - Strawberry and..., 105 GBP
Make your own Dream Catchers : Factory Direct Craft Blog
Fresh Foliage Vol 1 Vectors by Designfruit, $9
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack Music CD, $12
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. 'Camp Cullen' Boyfriend Tee, $30
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. 'Forever JB' V-Neck Tee, $30
Tan Suede Native American Style Boots - Vintage clothing from Rokit -...
ASOS | ASOS Faux Fur Leopard Ears Hairband at ASOS, 15 EUR
RUBI ROCKET BLOOD BARRETTE in Hair Goods at Sourpuss Clothing, $8
Crystal Bridal Accessories - Pearl and Crystal Tiara, 55 GBP
Fox-fur-trim leather bag, Etro
Twilight Bracelet
- Corners -
How to Dress Like Bella Swan from Twilight – College Fashion
edward/bella icon by cherry♥bomb
Kristen Stewart says it was 'strange' for 'Bella' to kiss 'Jacob' in...
Bat MySpace Layouts 2.0, Profiles 2.0 and Backgrounds at all4myspace
Bat Eyes Costume Glasses | TotallyCostumes
Florished swirl on Universalscrapbook - Scrapbooking Logos Sharing
Grey Wolf Paw Print Tracks - Decals Stickers
Hearts & Swirls -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Frida! (Google's Fridarific Doodle)

Today the beautiful Frida Kahlo "is turning" 103, but she doesn't look a day over 30 thanks to Google's homage to the Mexican painter and activist. Google transformed "Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird." into a their signature doodle. Rather than her necklace of thorns, Frida has the word 'google' drapping her neck.

I have the same framed print of the portrait, the original not the google version, hanging in my family room. In fact my whole family room is dedicated to the prolific artist. Stay tuned for a home tour.