Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project Red Dress

Last Year's Winning Dress by Rosie Kohlmeier, Photos by Jeff LaPlante and Barbie Hull

Seattle’s rosy blush returns for The Third Annual Project Red Dress fashion show this Friday, June 4. Held at the beautiful Fairmont Olympic Hotel and established by Monir Zandghoreishi, local designer and The International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT-Seattle) fashion design program chair, Project Red Dress is a fashion competition for local up-and-coming design students, which benefits the American Heart Association. What better way to begin my feature on The Class of 2010?!

Nick Verreos on the Runway and Verreos with Monir Zandghoreishi, Photos by Barbie Hull

Project Runway’s Nick Verreos, (You know, the stunning man who won the Barbie competition? There’s a second one. Geepers!) will be returning this year to judge among local and national celebrity moderators. Last year, Mr. Verreos began the evening with a runway walk of his own “blessing” the show. I can’t wait!

Only 2 students from 6 Seattle fashion schools have been chosen through a rigorous and selective competition based on their sketched designs. Each student has been given 16 hours of sewing time at the IADT campus to produce their visions with inspirations from architecture to paper lanterns. Models from SMG will be donning their creations on the runway. Should be very exciting! The winner will be given a $3000 scholarship to IADT-Seattle, a display in Luly Yang Couture’s storefront window and a feature in Seattle Met Magazine.

You, cause I know you’re going, will also be given a chance to judge for the People’s Choice winner! Get your tickets at and dress up. I’ll see you there!

Dress code: 
Dress to Impress

No one in shorts, tennis shoes & flip flops will be allowed. 
No Exceptions. Thank GAWD!

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle- 
Spanish Ballroom 411 University St 
Seattle, WA 98101

Cocktail Reception 6:30pm
, Fashion Show 7:30pm


Ticket Prices:
$35 Students

$50 General admission

$75 Premiere runway seating and a luxury swag bag!

Director: Eduardo Khawam. Sponsors of Project Red Dress include: Seattle Metropolitan magazine, Sewing Machine Service Co., Luly Yang Couture, Hawaiian Airlines, Waikiki Parc, Elise Magazine, SMG Seattle Models Guild, Gene Juarez Salon & Spas and Nancy’s Sewing Basket who has generously donated $200 worth of fabric for each contestant.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sameunderneath Swing Jacket: Manic Weather Safe

click on this image for a closer look!

The weather in Seattle has quite a reputation. My friends in California are just sure that it rains 300 days out of the year. While that is not usually the case, sadly this Spring it is indeed raining, raining, raining and quite chilly. So, it’s a good thing that Fancy-Green handed me this lambswool jacket from eco-conscious clothing company Sameunderneath.

The 95% lambswool in this jacket, as it turns out, is an all-weather friend! And, indeed it can be worn even through our tumultuous spring. The adorable Swing Jacket has excellent moisture wicking properties and doesn’t leave me soggy in our drizzley weather. Plus it breathes for those odd moments when the sun decides to come out. And in the midst of our weather’s bipolar change, the wind is no match for it’s natural resistance to chill.

Practical is all good but what does it look like? It’s sassy swing, two-button collar and sweet belted back make for a classic little jacket that can be worn for years to come in almost any weather.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shoe Feast!

click on this image for a closer look!

Our feature boutique Queen Anne Dispatch has many delicious items to whet your appetite but their most coveted treats are their shoes. They follow the most exciting trends- flats, sandals, wedges, flip-flops; My favorite are the suede heels in colors ranging from taupe to nude and gray to lavender. Feast on a pair from their hundreds of styles: Kelsi Dagger, Nicole, Bronx, Naot, Sanuk or Apepazza. Yummy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait

click on this image for a closer look!

When in doubt, throw on a pair of your skinnies, a great graphic tee like this one from Meadow, a sparkling belt (mine is from Streets Ahead), maybe a bat wing sweater and the best part, great lipstick. One of my favorite glamour shades is Nouba's #54!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

QA Dispatch: Party on the Hill

click on this image for a closer look!

Everyone had an amazing time at our feature boutique Queen Anne Dispatch's Friends and Family Night! There was a DJ, yummy cupcakes, champagne at the bar and clothes, shoes and more clothes!!

I walked into the boutique where Tara and Sabrina were serving up smiles and pointing me to the bar. What a great surprise to see "my" glittery halter top starring back at me! Yep, an old customer from my boutique was wearing her purchase from 3 years ago!! Talk about staying power! Did I mention that I have an amazing eye for classic pieces as well as trendy? But enough about me...

Customers were lookin hot in their latest purchases. They gobbled up dresses and tanks like there was no tomorrow! And I just happen to slip on a pair of MOTO jeans that I got at the sale which matched perfectly with my Oh Deer! wedges ALSO from the boutique.

I left with a smile and an idea in my head, "I must have those yummy grey hooded wedge sandals." Put the size 6 away girls! I'm coming back for more and so should you!

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo from as designer

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Man

click on this photo for a closer look!

Happy Birthday D! May all your wishes come true.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kate + Topshop = Today!

Kate Moss and Topshop tempt me with vintage inspired clothing; Light as a feather, translucent and soft as wings. I want the yellow evening gown more than I want food!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Many Happy Returns

You know you've got it bad when you squeal during a preview, not the movie, the PREVIEW! I remember when S&TC the movie came out. I was really expecting to be disappointed. I was really wrong. Years of devouring the sceries, copying Carrie's most outrageous outfits, going so far as to carry the girls Noir jewelry in my boutique- when it all ended, I thought I had exhausted every bit of laughter and tears for my favorite foursome. But no! They did it to me again on the big screen, I was hooked. Tonight I will watch it on iTunes for the millionth time and I'll see you in theatres on the 27th for the return of Aiden, Abu Dhabi and yet another marriage. Squeal!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Korean Prom Song

Here's a little love song to take you all into the weekend. Korean popstars Lee Hyori amd DaeSung sing, "How Do We Get". Wouldn't it make the perfect prom song? Pretty couple, pretty song:

I’ve gone through so many shallow relationships
I thought you’d brush past like that too

But as time went by, I realised you were a little different

There was no pretense, you showed me your whole heart


I don’t wanna see you cry

When I look at you I remember my forgotten happy dreams, the young me

You always give me a smile

To tomorrow, which will be even more amazing than yesterday


Tell me how did we get, the dream-like memories

How did we get, the painful tears too

How did we get (we get), this far

How did we get (How did we get)

It’s because we’ve walked here together

Now (now), I (I)

Won’t let go of your hand

The one person who lit up my life

While always shining like a dazzling star

You wouldn’t believe how earnestly

I’ve been wanting to find you


But I don’t wanna let you down

I was a coward, but since seeing you I’ve been growing more and more

You always give me a dream

Only for you, who’s become my future


Tell me how did we get, the dream-like memories

How did we get, and the painful tears too

How did we get (we get), this far

How did we get (How did we get)

It’s because we’ve walked here together

Now (now), I (I)

Won’t let go of your hand


Tell me how did we get, all the time we’ve spent together

How did we get, no matter what kind of wound

How did we get (we get), until the very end

How did we get (How did we get)

So we’ll walk together

You and me (You and me) The two of us (The two of us)

We’ll walk together from now

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

click on this image for a closer look!

Looking through what little photos I had of my mother, she doesn't like her picture taken, I was able to come up with these 4 to share with you.

My Mother Pregnant: She told me this was taken the night before they coaxed me out. I refused being born. Inside my mother's womb, I held myself captive and wouldn't come out for 10 months, or so the legend goes. They literally had to turn me around and pull me out! It was a glimpse into my future stubborn ways.

My Fashionista Mommy: We were on a Navy ship, I loved watching her dress for the day and then glam it up for the evenings dinner at the Captain's table. My sister and I were in the ship's talent show one night. Peggy had no trouble performing but as my mother took my hand and led me to the stage, well, that's when we discovered my horrible stage fright. I wouldn't let go of mommy's hand. She wore a white dress that night with quarter-sized rhinestone earrings.

Mother Holding Me: We were sending off my father. He was leaving for VietNam and my mother made sure that all of her daughters were dressed nicely for the send off. There's a painting of me in this same dress hanging by my studio desk.

My Mom's 70th Birthday: We had a giant Korean party for her. It was colorful, the food was tasty and the tradition rich. All of her close relatives had to bow low to the ground in front of her and serve her in a ritual tea ceremony. We all filled my mother's tiny cup with Saki instead. Boy was she drunk after 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 6 grandchildren!

When you are close to your mother, somehow you know everything will be taken care of. I should know. I loved to watch my mother practicing her Ichibana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) in our home in Korea. She always made sure the house looked perfect and for this little girl, that meant safety. She sewed my sister and my clothes until we were teens. Dressing your children is a loving gesture, completely motherly. She faithfully made the family breakfast, lunch and dinner to sustain us and keep us healthy. She took me to the salon every month for the latest haircut, every holiday for an updo, teaching us beauty, etiquette and maintenance.

When I come home now, she still keeps the house perfectly tidy, she mends my clothes, a warm meal is waiting for us and I always, always do my hair just the way I know she would like. It might take an extra hour but it's the least I can do and she taught me to do so.

Happy mother's day mommy!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let Freedom Gleam.

I am INSANE for lipgloss! I have cherry, berry, juicy, gems standing like perfect little soldiers in a glass jar on my bathroom counter. I have sticky, gooey, slippery stains mingling in the bottom of my purse. So, it's no surprise that I jumped at the chance to try Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss!

Gorgeous and good for you?! This vitamin rich, 100% natural lip treat is so sumptuous without the guilt. Have you heard all of those reports about how much lipstick and chemicals we girly girls eat over a lifetime? While I don't recommend eating this deliciously sinful lip treatment, (Yep, it's a treatment-bonus!) I do recommend reapplying as much as you wish.

I chose Freedom which is a sweet Strawberry Red. This gloss is slick not sticky so remember to bring it with you. But, like I said, no worries about indulging, this is 'good-for-you' color!!

Check out these nutrient rich ECO ingredients:
ORGANIC PLANT PROTEINS- organic plant proteins and extracts to deliver antioxidants and vitamins, ORGANIC OILS- organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic safflower oil to nourish and condition, ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER- to hydrate and moisturize, ORGANIC ALOE VERA- organic aloe vera sooth and soften, NATURAL PIGMENTS- pure mineral pigment for true natural color.

An organic lip treatment disguised as a gorgeous gloss; Let 'Freedom' gleam!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo: Frida Style

click on this collage for a closer look!

Cinco De Mayo, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. and is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla. It is not, as many people think, Mexico's Independence Day, which is actually September 16. In the United States we observe Cinco De Mayo by celebrating Mexican culture and those significant to it’s sovereignty. Sadly, I think our celebrations have little to do with our pride in our Latino neighbors.
“While politicians tonight toast Latinos with margaritas as they dip their chips into mild salsa they would be wise to remember that the battle that is being commemorated was one won by an outnumbered and grossly underestimated people determined to maintain their freedoms and independence. A tough lot to beat, just ask the French.” Mario Solis-Marich
As for me, I will celebrate my wildy underestimated neighbors both as Americans and Mexicans. Yes, while munching on chips and HOT salsa, but also knowing full well their incontrovertible existence into what for many years before and has now become a giant part of our American culture.

What better icon of Mexico and self-determination than the artist Frida Kahlo? It’s hard for me to choose which Frida to show you, so I will show you them all; The adoring wife/the mustached lesbian, the vapid invalid/the eager revolutionary, the tempting seductress/the discouraging muse, the focused collector/the prolific journalist, the joyous housewife/the Tehuana fashionista, the willing student/the rebellious child, the patriotic Mexican/the communist militant, the gentle animal lover/the motherless mercenary, the gregarious host/the recoiling superstar and the celebrated painter/the magnificent painting.

Portrait of Frida in the center was illustrated by me! Kamie Kahlo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dramatic Lashes without all the Drama

Being a stylist, one of my biggest complaints with mascara is the amount of product that comes out. It's either too much or too little. I like Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara's opulent formula. It's neither wimpy nor miniscule and the ample, chunky brush is the perfect applicator for any lash. Personally I have smaller Asian-girl lashes and my eyes have a tendency to be sensitive and water a lot. With this mascara, I didn't have any smudges at the end of the day. I didn't have to glob on a ton for day time either, just one application did the trick. If I wanted more drama, I would just reapply for evening. Because of it's soothing formula, no unnecessary chemicals here, my eyes didn't complain one bit. I got the 'graphite' which is a nice rich grey-black. This formula also comes in 'rock' a pretty chocolate brown. It's a great gentle mascara and I am one tough customer!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Queen Anne Dispatch Delivers!

click on this image for a closer look!

I used to call them, 'Postal Panties.' How do you describe a store where you can get your letters and packages sent while picking up the latest Hanky Panky tanga? But this great store sells a lot more than postal services and pretty under garments; It's THE place to go for shoes, clothing, candles, jewelry, cards and, yes, you can also ship a gift to your mom while you're at it.

Two sisters, Sabrina and Tara, operate and own Queen Anne Dispatch. This lovely little store has grown into a fabulous boutique thanks to the sisters knowledge in the fashion and shipping businesses. They carry lines such as Worn jeans, Weston Wear and BB Dakota. (All great price points by the way!)

Mark your calendars ladies and
join me at their Friends & Family Event this Friday, May 7th from 6-9pm featuring 20% off all purchases, light bites and drinks, and music from a live DJ. What a great way to start your love-affair with our feature boutique!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ghostly Dreams

Experimenting with my Nikon D40 and it's limited lens is tough. I was considering buying a new camera and then I started to play. I took this self portrait with the lens wide open in lo-light with a looooooong exposure. I think I'll keep it, look for another cool lens and be happy that inspiration sprang from my limitation; this is what I look like as a ghost.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meadow Interview

If this little pictorial doesn't finally convince you that our feature boutque Meadow is the prettiest thing in town, maybe this will; Meadow has graciously donated an amazing exclusive piece of jewelry from Frida Loves Jewels to one of our lucky Fashionista Club members! Join our club for a chance to win or play it safe and give Shelley a visit. There's always something adorable at Meadow and it won't break your Prada wallet!

Here's my interview with Meadow owner Shelley Hall :

AS: I used to be in the clothes buying business and it is no small task. I also know that finding pieces for great prices is that much harder. How do you do it?

Meadow: I worked in a few small boutiques over the years, my experience watching others making buying decisions was at least a foundation for how to start. I really try and stay within a range of cost for the items I buy. Its essentially working from a budget and not being tempted by more expensive lines. The real challenge is finding cute stuff that is still affordable, the Internet allows me to see the newest items from the companies I buy from.

AS: You have quite a selection from housewares to furniture, from apothecary to clothing. What is your passion?

Meadow: Some days I think I should have gotten into interior design, I love decorating and making a space feel more inviting. But it's definitely satisfying selling clothing too because it makes people feel better "shopping therapy!" If I were to open another store I think I would want to expand the Home Decor and include more antiques, my other passion.

AS: You don't have to convince me to come to your boutique. A couple blocks up a hill and a few blocks west of the main drag, now's your chance to convince others to come. What's unique about your store? (As if I didn't know.)

Meadow: Word of mouth has been my best sales pitch. I hope that everyone who comes in feels welcome and finds something cute and affordable to buy, If they tell even one person I have another potential customer. With the economy the way it is I think people are excited to discover how affordable my store is, its hard to come by these days especially in smaller boutiques. I have been lucky with the press I have already gotten in the first few months- Seattle Magazine May 2010, Daily Candy, and NW Source.

AS: Wow! Being so new that's great! They must have sensed your store, sort of like in "Twilight". Which brings me to my next question, I love your store's name, "Meadow." What does it mean to you?

Meadow: Its really funny you mentioned Twilight. I have actually never seen the show and don't particularly like anything about vampires. I have had many people ask me about the name and where it came from, the simplest response is that I really wanted to use a single word that evoked only positive associations and incorporated something natural. I have tried to create an atmosphere that is inviting and pretty, so I'm hoping my name conveys that.

AS: Indeed it does! Okay, now for a silly question. (These are really the one's that let us get to know you.) Your store and you are all about sweetness and light. What is your favorite treat and why?

Meadow: If you mean edible treats? I would say my very favorite thing is Cadbury Mini Eggs- only available at Easter so cute and pastel and so good!

Just like you my dear!