Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ask Adelita: Snausages

black n brown keilbasa

black n brown keilbasa by Adelita Style featuring a sweetheart neckline dress

Dear Adelita-

I have a color dilemma. I have a great patterned dress that has lots of fun colors in it but no black. I would prefer to wear my black tights instead of brown (my legs tend to look like ground pork stuffed in casings if I don't wear black) and brown boots. Is it okay to wear black and brown together?

Sausage Legs

My Dear Little Keilbasa,

Yes you can wear black and brown together but if you are worried about showcasing your legs, this might not be the best bet for you. Wearing a patterned dress without black then brown then black again may cut you up into little bite-sized pieces. We may be hungry for fashion but we don't want that! Try the darkest brown legging you can find and then, yes, you can still wear your black boots. Just don't try brown shoes with black pants! Ewww.

Here's a little Polyvore to get you in the right direction. If it's good enough for Chanel, Burbery, Vuitton and little leopards running around Africa, it's good enough for us!


Pleated Bustier Dress
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Leena Ikat Pleat Front Dress
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Burberry Short suede trench coat
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Marvelous Match Tights
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Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag
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Diamante triangle ring
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Reykjavik Scarf
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Camel Check Umbrella
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Burberry umbrella »

Wall Art - Decor: - At Home
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Burberry logo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine for D

XOXO from Adelita Style! I managed to squeeze in a little time to make Valentine's with Little Star yesterday afternoon between appointments. There was lots of construction paper, glitter, airbrushing and "ransom note" type messages. Here's how we did it...

Paper love!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lil Star's Plans

Plans for the Valentine's Dance. 
On my way out the door, I glanced into Lil Star's room and saw these piles of clothes bundled on her chaise. We had moved her bed out of her room months ago because she didn't want to sleep in it any longer. "Too messy!" This little chaise was the perfect touch to her remodel. No more twin bed. A lofty sleeping bag from Cabella's gets rolled up in the morning and unfurled at night. Instead of Twilight posters and silhouettes of her favorite children's movies, she now prefers Marie Antionette, florals and branches. She now prefers romance and lace instead of vampires and blood. And one of these outfits goes very well with her current love, a new boyfriend! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fashionable Lip Gloss that won't Roll Off

Model is wearing Candy Cameo Ring
Electric Butterfly, what a treat!
Countless numbers of lip glosses are hiding beneath car seats, rolling endlessly down city streets and made there way behind toilet seats. Not a problem with Tarina Tarantino's Lip Gloss Fashion Rings! Your finger need never be naked and your lips will never be bare again. I love Candy Cameo in tangy cherry, Victorian Punk in sumptuos grape and Tokyo Hardcore in mouth watering honeydew, but you can also try Bibarucci in pale gold or Electric Butterfly in orange! You can also get them at Sephora.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leigh Viner's Fashion Cricket

Cricket Art Print available HERE!

I can't help but think pink in February; rosey cheeks, the ever-hopeful cherry blossoms pushing through blackened branches and, of course, Valentines day! This delightful fashion print is from a Denver artist who specializes in romantic swooshes turned into shoulders and collars, intricate swirls spun into hair, a smudge into a tear or eye makeup. Check out Leigh Viner's Etsy store and find the perfect Valentine for your fashionista friend!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lovely Love

Graphic Illustration by Kimchee Girl.

Lovely Love was a product of a Christian hippie love cult from the 60’s. Her face was a valentine. She had large, glossy, wide set grey-blue eyes that followed the gentle curve of her face. Her upturned nose was small and straight and a set of round pink lips permanently pushed themselves into a kiss. Framing this heart-shaped canvas was a thick set of long bangs that tickled the rims of her wild lashes; the remainder of her baby fine cinnamon hair hugged the sides of her face and grew past her shoulder bones. Nature had kissed this child’s face but it was her upbringing that made her live up to her name.

Tiny white flowers filled the green hillside at the commune and one by one she plucked them and tied them into a daisy chain to wear around her dainty wrist. Next to her was a book, “Flowers of the Holy Land” She clung to it like it was the bible. She could smell the wild flora as she turned page after page; Sketches from the Mother Theresa of Jerusalem, American born Bertha Spafford Vester was her role model of kindness and giving.

Seven years after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 destroyed her father’s business, library and investment real estate, Bertha traveled across the Atlantic with her mother and 3 sisters. On the trip to France her sisters died when the ship sunk after a collision. Later her new baby brother died of scarlet fever. But sorrow so profound can bring kindness and light. The Spafford family began the American Colony in the Holy Land doing welfare work and caring for visitors. Bertha took over these duties and became a trusted diplomat for foreign visitors, opened several hospitals during the war. She said, "… we had offered to nurse neither friends nor foes, just humanity." Then in the 20’s Bertha founded the Anna Spafford Memorial Children's Hospital caring for thousands of sick babies from Jerusalem and its surroundings.

And like Vester, Lovely was planning on traveling abroad and opening a hospital for babies. Mornings at the commune, days at school studying medicine, late afternoons commuting to the nearest hospital, she spent her evenings in the children’s ward nursing small babies with asthma. She was ready to leave the group that raised her although they were having great difficulty letting her go, especially Brotherhood. At 19 he was her boyfriend of 10 years. But in the last few years they grew apart. Her schedule and dedication to endeavors outside of the kinship opened her eyes to a bigger world. The community was disbanding because of trouble with unpaid taxes and real estate after 38 years. Lovely leaving her boyfriend and the village was seemingly the end of everything good for everyone else. For Lovely it was the beginning of her aspirations and the introduction of an enchanting young woman to the rest of the world.