Friday, September 30, 2011

Snapette- The App for Snap Happy Fashionistas

How many times has someone stopped you on the street, at work, in a club and asked you about your shoes or that amazing bag you just purchased? If you are following me, I know it must happen ALL the time and I know you want to tell them all about it. Now you can! Or what about the thousands of accessories that you might be missing out on?! Can you imagine what's out there? Now you don't have to.

I downloaded Snapette back in July and have been enjoying it all summer! You know how I love taking photos and this app is perfect for my styling appetite. I snap photos of my shoes and favorite accessories and share them with other Snapettes. This app even lets me link up info like where you can buy my favorites. And of course I LOVE parrussing through other snap happy profiles to see what they have been seen in. Here's the skinny:

Share photos of bags and shoes you love:
- Take a photo or upload from your photo library
- Add details about brand, location and price
- Upload for others to discover

Discover great products by Hot, Near and New:
- Browse photos of shoes and bags uploaded by other users
- Select a shoe or bag to reveal brand, location, price and even get directions to the store
- Explore exclusive collections of top stores, brands, and bloggers

Socialize with other style mavens
- Love and comment on photos
- Follow other users and get inspired
- Showcase your best fashion finds in your own virtual “closet”

Check out their site and download the free app today! (Don't forget to look for me!)

Here's a cute little screenshot of my new favorite app!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Anna Banana

Seattle doesn't offer many styling jobs for fashion shoots so whenever one comes up, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the process. For this collaboration Sean Watson did photography and design, Anna Mischke was our adorable model and I was the stylist contributing hair, makeup and wardrobe picks. I love these edgy collages featuring shoes from a local designer. Unfortunately, sometimes visions don't match up. The shoe designer was a bit reserved and afraid to take a chance. I say, fashion is exactly the right forum for taking chances. Sean did a spectacular job because...


Click on any of these images for a closer look!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target: Revisited

I've never waited in line, fought or pushed and shoved for a chance at a piece of clothing and I'm not about to start. There is plenty to go around. Millions of designs, thousands of designers. So why or why ladies did you get up this morning at the crack of dawn so you could get to Target and get your Missoni on when EVERYONE will be wearing the SAME thing?

Sean and I arrived at around 9 a.m. Sure, I didn't want to pass up a chance to grab a little fools gold (aka Missoni-ala-Cheap) but what we saw was shocking! We saw NOTHING! Racks were bare, shelves were naked. Nothing but retail tumbleweeds under any signs that read Missoni. But plenty of shopping carts were full.
“Did you see that woman’s cart? OMG- so piled high with sweaters and skirts and scarves and something rubber!" I squealed. 
"Did I just see some kind of Kleenex box with Missoni print?" Sean asked "Do these ladies really think they are gonna fool anyone... with a Kleenex box?" 
"I'm definitely taking a picture of her basket... Wait... Did she just take a picture of her own basket?!"
"Damn, that one has her iPad out with the Target site on it! She's lookin for s*** online!"

We laughed all the way to the coffee shop!

Here's my tip to you all, my favorites, my darlings; If you can get your hot little hands on something from Target's Missoni line, try to make it as "neutral" as possible. I know, I know. It's Missoni, bright colors, zig-zag patterns. What could possibly be "neutral"? What I mean to say is, don't look like everyone else, and I do mean EVERYONE, try to find some pieces that won't scream TARGET Missoni!! Don’t pile it on. Pair it with your own style, your own unique take. And if you can’t, no worries. Just head to your beloved vintage store and look for the real thing. After what I saw today, I’d say your chances are better there.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Missoni for Target

Get your Target on! Get your Missoni on! 
Tomorrow is the day kiddies. (September 13) Bet I'll beat you to the door!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Dramatic Shoot with Sean

Photographer Sean Watson and I love working with this model because her classic Asian face and porcelain skin evoke drama and mystery. For this look, I found the perfect compliment to Crystaloo's exotic flavor in Wai Ching's sumptuous, silky layered gown and the model's sexy snakeskin bathing suit was a spicy match for Wai Ching’s hand-dyed kimono.

Click on these photos for a closer look.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wai Ching Studios

Stepping into Wai Ching Studios where designer Chrissy Wai Ching and her crew fashion original creations might just make you change you mind about what evening wear and wedding gowns are supposed to look like. And... thank goodness.

I used to carry Chrissy's Ready-to-Wear at my boutique but she decided that fitting a design to the client's body was what made her designs so unique. Strips of hand torn silk, custom-dyed and sewn in soft ruffles row after row. I'm dying for an original gown, a beautiful paneled blazer, a wedding dress!!

Read Chrissy's Bio:
An exotic fusion of Chinese/Puerto Rican/English genes and a global upbringing lent Chrissy Wai Ching a cosmopolitan sensibility, but it was not until she went to live amidst the "bright colors and abundant beauty" of Nice that she discovered the ideal outlet for her many cultural influences: couture. 
Chrissy debuted her wild yet wearable line, Wai-Ching, in 2003 with figure flattery at the top of her priority list. Creating fiercely unique clothing is a delicate process. To Wai-Ching, the art lies not only in designing, but also in selecting luxurious silks, hand-dyeing the blank canvas, and meticulously piecing together each masterpiece. The name Wai Ching (Cantonese for wisdom and virtue) reflects the philosophy of the line and of the artist herself.
If you're in need of a magical creation made just for you, contact Wai Ching Studios @ or give them a call (206) 229-1111.

One of Chrissy's assistants is also an
acrobat for the circus! Talk about unique!