Friday, April 23, 2010

Meadow's Vegan Clutches

Our feature boutique Meadow has great vegan alternative handbags! My favorites are these clutches that come in tons of yummy colors for under $50!!


  1. Absolutely loved the clutches-I saw them yesterday. I was purchasing a gift for a friend and didn't want to be greedy and get something for myself. Perhaps Mother's Day?

  2. Well for under $50, you MUST have one! They are great. I love, love the purple. It's such a hot color this season.

  3. kamie kahlo - wow it had been so long since you commented last (yes i remember!) that i felt like saying hello lol and i am so happy to see my link! for cute-o-philes! ah i'm so so so thankful and happy for your support.

    do you have a link icon! i'd love to put it up!

  4. you don't have to use it but i updated my link badge image to make it a bit clearer and better slightly lol.

    heres the new image address.

    anyway looking forward to your link!