Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh NO He Di'int!

Yes, he did! Christian Louboutin the French King of stilletos teamed up with Barbie to make a fabulous mini-sized collection. Many can't afford his famous red bottomed pumps retailing from $400 up but, who can stand not having a pair, even if they are miniature? For a mere $150 you can own not only 3 pairs of Louboutin heels and a wicked pair of leopard-print boots, you also get Barbie as cat burglar! Check out NET-A-PORTER (don't worry girls the rumor that Net-a-Porter sold out of this delicious toy in one day is true, but they have restocked) and sign up for their Barbie updates as there is more to come! Here is a sneak peek...

The REAL deal.

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